Monday, January 12, 2009

Pretty, pretty things.

Having 2 weeks off allows you to catch up on things neglected, typically; cleaning, correspondence, sleep. For me? Photo shoots. But to each his own, right? I had the pleasure of working with a few new models and photographers and some of my favorites as well. Here's a little peak into what I do for a living. I have such a boring job, I know.

Photo: Firebird Photography
Model: Hetzl and Ilya Yarovenko
Hair/Makeup:Sarah la GLAM

Photo: Amy Jean Wagner
Model: Brooke Clayton (Premier Models)
Hair/Makeup:Sarah la GLAM

Photo: Ryan Kerns
Model: Jandi Lin
Hair/Makeup/Styling:Sarah la GLAM

Photo: Mike Gallo
Model: Kristy Romero (Premier Models)
Hair/Makeup:Sarah la GLAM

On that note, stay tuned for some great news in the coming days!

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